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JiNGLe BeLL SaNTa MaKeDo - E Pattern
#E15 JiNGLe BeLL SaNTa MaKeDo - E Pattern
Love this big ole grungy Santa make-do and he can sit on an olde spool or mallet!

 He is made from an olde feedsack but you can use osnaberg too if you like. He has 2 vintage button eyes, a pinched nose and flax for his beard. Stuffed w/rags or polyfill he is sweet! The cap is of wool w/grungy fur trim and he has a large jingle bell at end of his cap and another tied off with string on the base. Grunged severely with paints, and spices he sits approx 20 inches tall depending on the base you use and is a one of a kind for your shows.

I ask only you give me pattern credit and have fun :)

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