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MR.TaXMaN  - E Pattern
#E19 MR.TaXMaN - E Pattern
This doll is quite large and a great challenge to make since he's all ragstuffed, which gives him that floppy heavy feel ! Standing about 40 inches tall he is made from ragstuffed osnaberg. His eyes are stitched floss over osnaberg patches,a pinch stitched nose and floss stitched rag mouth.His coat is made from a red striped homespun and his pants are a grey flannel, but you can use wool or what ever material you like.The stovepipe hat is of black flannel stuffed and stiffened, and he is carrying an olde grubby osnaberg tax bag stuffed w/cornstalks and sticks hanging around his neck on dirty string and the word Taxes hand painted on the front and even add olde tax papers if you want!

You can age him as much as you like and spice him up for a yummy smell and he can be left out yr round,so this is a great everyday pattern. Please give me pattern credit, no mass producing and see how creative you can be with this primitive fellow.


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