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STeLLa and CLaRiCe  - Pattern
#35 STeLLa and CLaRiCe - Pattern
Made from aged feedsack, Stella has osnaberg patched eyes w/ floss pupils and flax hair. Her nose is a piece of rag stitched on by floss and her mouth is red wool w/ a few stitches of ivory. She wears a bedticking dress w/ a printed feedsack apron, tyed on with w/string. Stella is all ragstuffed and blackened w/ paints and sanded and her dress has a very dirty look. Clarice is her cat and made from stuffed feedsac. He is painted and sanded and has loppy arms, legs and tail.His face as a stitched nose w/floss whiskers, and painted floss eyes. A homespun tye is around his neck and he sits in Stella arms.

Doll 24 in., Cat 12 in.

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