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BuZz SPRiNGTHyMe Bee - E Pattern
#E42 BuZz SPRiNGTHyMe Bee - E Pattern
Springthyme finds the buzzing of bees once again and just had to create one for you for your summer shows and shops..

Here goes..Buzz is made from an olde feedsack and stuffed with rags.. He sits on a beehive bobbin which are usually found in antique shops but can sit on whatever base you choose.Crude stitches and scrapes of felt make his face and he has sticks for arms,antennas w/tiny jingle bells and even a tiny stinger in the back.His body is painted with folkart paints and grunged w spices..even a little mica flakes adorn his wings and a handwritten name tag is on his belly.This Bee is fairly simple to make and the cost is low on materials and a wonderful Spring and Summer pattern.

Approx 24 inches tall when done on a beehive bobbin.

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