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My FaiTh SoaRs-EPattern
#E42 My FaiTh SoaRs-EPattern
My newest Epattern.. "My Faith Soars"..consists of a large ragstuffed Cross..spice dusted Heart and feather Wing is made from an olde mask..I hung a key with a mirrored jewel and old ribbons that adorne the wing..Directions on how to assemble and grunge this pattern are included..and the hardest part is deciding what type of materials you will be using.I used muslin and found and olde mask for the wings but you can purchase real feather wings online if you wanted..Jute and wire are used to secure.Measures approx 26in H in x20 inW.. Heart is around 10in x6in. This is an "Epatt Only" and cost is $9.00

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