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PHoTo STaR On OLde SPiNdLe
#43 PHoTo STaR On OLde SPiNdLe
Another Star pattern that I have always loved..pattern consists of  the  primitive Star and how to make the Pocket on the front..It could be of just material but I choose to make the pocket out of muslin photo transfer paper and those supplies are listed where to find them..I stuffed this one with olde dried grass but any herbs or dried flowers make this special.. and the image I used is one saved from my files back in 08..Love it but any image can be printed on the photo paper..The chippy paint spindle is awesome to display this on and either a large banister or small spindle works.Star measures approx 19in H x13in W. and depending what base you chose will be added height.. Sold only as an "Epattern" ..Cost is $7.00

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